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Hi Dolls! A huge staple in my closet is a good coat. Adding a coat to your outfit makes a huge difference! I love the cold weather, getting cozy drinking some tea or hot cocoa. With the cold weather you can layer up and add dimension to your outfit or you can keep it simple like you see above. Also I should mention the elephant in the room haha! I did cut my hair! It was a huge step for me. I have always had long hair and it was a comfort zone, however I love change and felt like it was time to do it. I love my hair and I really think I'm going to keep it short!

I would love to know, what is your staple piece in your closet? xoxo Nairie

Coat: Jcrew

Top: Ann Taylor

Jeans: Jcrew

Watch: Apple

Handbag: Fossil

Heels: Cathy Jean

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