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The perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup looks

There are 2 types of makeup looks you can do and look amazing in either one!

Full Glam:

I am a huge makeup junky. I have way to much makeup and I always have to try new makeup products and brands! You can do the full smokey eye and the false lashes and the bold lip. Do what makes you feel good. Just please remember to BLEND. Blend honeyy! Blend until your wrist starts to hurt! haha just kidding!




As far as lips you can a nude color or be bold and wear a red lip! If you are afraid of the red lipstick getting everywhere you can always use a liquid lipstick. Seriously liquid lipsticks are my ride or die.

Soft Glam:

This is my go-to type of makeup. It's not as dramatic. You can still do a sexy smokey eye but with softer tones and not as harsh. I usually focus on skin more than anything else. I focus on making my makeup look natural and glowy. If I want to go a little more sultry then I will smoke out the shadows more.

As far as lips. I love to do a simple nude lip. That is my classic go-to look. If i wear a nude lipstick then it slowly fades away throughout the day. And of course I am all for a liquid lipstick.

Do what makes you feel good and makes you feel comfortable. This would be the time I will use my ride or die “go-to” products.

And lastly remember, inner beauty matters more than the outer beauty. Confidence is more sexier then anything you wear or put on your face. Remember that! These tips are just for fun or if you enjoy putting makeup on!

Hope this helps you look and feel fabulous on your hot date! xoxo Nairie ❤



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